Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF)

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF)

NAFFCO Fire and Emergency Services ARFF Division is recognized as a leader in Fire Protection. We maintain leadership in keeping airports, industrial facilities, private and governmental entities safe and secure.  We tailor our programs focusing on each client’s special needs. We focus on the security of environmental standards in their daily activities and operations.

All NAFFCO Emergency and Fire Services employees receive extensive training for the distinctive and difficult tasks they must perform; NAFFCO firefighters and EMTs go through particularly rigorous training to ensure they are prepared to handle emergencies and potentially dangerous scenarios. Military, government, corporate groups, local and international governments are all capable of working alongside NAFFCO firefighters,  EMTs, services.

When required, our teams are equipped to handle fire and medical emergencies while preserving life, property, and the environment.

NAFFCO Firefighters are highly trained to handle hazardous materials and are equipped to manage all types of emergencies, including aircraft recovery, crash fire rescue, structural fires, and support for hot refueling. Our firefighters have dealt with a wide range of emergency scenarios in the field during the past few years.

In order to properly inspect and maintain the safety devices/equipment and assets for all buildings and airside, NAFFCO Fire and Emergency ARFF Division is offering a comprehensive package for automation of critical ARFF activities related to Fire Protection work, Incident Management, Training, and Risk Management using a combination of a mobile and web-based portal, online dashboard, and reports. This can be a really valuable asset for any fire organization.

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