Health and Safety - Warning Signs

A warning sign is a visual indicator that alerts individuals of a potential danger, hazard or obstruction that lies ahead or in the vicinity. These signs are usually in the form of symbols, text or pictograms and provide a clear and concise message to the viewer to take necessary precautions or avoid certain actions. They are commonly seen in public spaces such as roads, construction sites, hospitals, factories and public areas where safety is a concern.

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It includes symbols or pictures to supplement the written message, making it more universally understood. It may also have reflective features to enhance visibility, especially at night. Ensures and promotes safety and prevents accidents. Warns of potential hazards and risks in the area. Helps to comply with safety regulations and standards. Protects the health and well-being of individuals.  Reduces liability and legal risks.


Acrylic, PVC, Aluminum Vinyl Stickers, 3M Engineering Grade Reflective Stickers, 3M Diamond Grade Reflective Stickers


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