• Dubai Tram is protected by NAFFCO making it safe for over 300,000 commuters.

    Protected by NAFFCO

  • The world’s tallest man-made structure is protected by NAFFCO.

    Protected by NAFFCO

  • Dubai metro station is a driverless fully automated metro rail network, that is protected by NAFFCO’s certified products

    Protected by NAFFCO

  • We provide the most reliable firefighting protection in oil & gas industry.

    Safety in Oil & Gas

  • NAFFCO helps keep over 70 million airport passengers safe each year through proactive testing of major international airports in the Middle East, including UAE, Qatar and Oman.

    Safety in Airports & Aviation

  • To directly prevent fire disasters, you need to be prepared with NAFFCO’s certified firefighting vehicles, equipment’s and instruments.

    Firefighting Safety and Security

  • Certified quality Trucks & Vehicles, manufactured with excellent engineering and precision.

    Trucks & Vehicles